Our company was established in Torre del Greco more than half a century ago with the production and commercialization of coral and shell cameos.
Soon this world “without borders” (as defined by K. Ohmae in 1990) has led us to new horizons: starting to import and export also new products such as amber, turquoise, pearls and semi-precious stones, in a few years we have become an important point of reference for many goldsmiths and companies of national and international distribution.
In 2015, start a new project that allows us to be more and more closely with our customers: Perlepietre.
A new company with shoroom at the goldsmith center “IlTarì” and it’s mission is to offer at competitive prices, products and innovative materials but also adapted to the continuous evolution of the market trends.

Our products

Baltic amber

For over twenty years, we propose to our customers the finest variety of this fossil resin.
From the Baltic countries to the entire Mediterranean till the Middle East, amber historically has always been used for the production of precious jewelry and still is very popular all around the world.
It was this great interest in the amber that inspired us to move first as importers and now as direct producers in order to be ready to realize all request of all our customers by offering a wide range of cuts and shapes.

Shell Cameos

At Torre del Greco, under the expert hands of master engravers, was born a classic on the world of jewelery: the shell cameo.
Real art-works in bas relief produced for several centuries on various kinds of shells among which the most valuable Cassis Madagascarensis and Cassis Rufa.Our company, as well as offering a wide assortment engraved classical and contemporary, provides a variety of customization options.


Like shell cameos, also the coral has the production center in Torre del Greco.
Today they are still in the area many small workshops that cut the “red gold” to turn it into jewelry and precious objects: Perlepietre chooses them carefully, and then sells exporting them worldwide.
The variety of raw materials with higher demands and also the most precious are: Corallium rubrum and Corallium elatius japonicus. This one, caught in the Japanese sea, from the colors of white and pink (the famous variety called Bochè or Angel skin) to red called Momo and to dark red called Aka. The Corallium rubrum, however, is caught throughout the ‘Mediterranean area; It is a variety that reproduces very slowly and that comes in many shades of red, from light to dark one.

Cultured Pearls

Every woman’s dream, a symbol of elegance and uniqueness, that accomplice of timeless elegance: the pearl, the gem that can never miss.
Being present on many cultivations and various international auctions, we offer our customers a wide range of South Sea Pearls (Australia), Black Pearls (Tahiti), Akoya Pearls (Japan), Freshwater pearls (China) always in the best warranty price / quality ratio.

Semiprecious stones

We import a wide range of semi-precious stones from the finest to the most commercial selecting them in accordance with a high standard of quality and proposing cuts in different sizes and shapes.
A world of colors all exposed in our showroom to give the customer a unique experience in the material choices.
The stones have beneficial properties and also magical.
They have accompanied man throughout his history and even today, the raw and processed minerals, found many estimators around the world not only for their beauty but also for their uniqueness combined with their variety of colors.