Made in Torre del Greco - Guarantee seal

All our products made of Coral and Cameos are certified by the “Made in Torre del Greco” guarantee seal.

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What is Made in Torre del Greco?

The brand is a worldwide unique guarantee seal, a standard for every jewel and / or semi-finished product made of coral or with cameo produced in Torre del Greco.

Our seal guarantees the traceability of each product, of which it is possible to find the nature and geographical origin of the raw material, guarantees a sustainable supply chain of both the raw material and the manufacturing processes.

How does it work?

At the customer’s request, it is possible to receive a QR Code associated with the purchased product with which it is possible to access the product guarantee certificate, which describes its characteristics.

The guarantee seal uses Blockchain technology to guarantee the persistence of the data entered, which in no way can be altered.

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